The Linen Camp Shirt & Patch Pocket Trouser

Perfectly complement your staple summer looks with the all-new Linen Camp Shirt and Patch Pocket Trouser.

With a natural polish that is unpretentious yet confident, the Linen Camp Shirt is a refined aesthetic.

Deliberately not denim—innovate a response in the Patch Pocket Trouser.

Casually Elegant

The Linen Camp Shirt strikes the perfect balance between what feels casual and appears elegant. Easy going and intentional with its loose breathability, ideal for warm climates.

Saturate the color and pair with summer trousers, or soften the gradient and layer like a t-shirt with jeans.

Flip your Cuffs

The Hollywood Shirt in black slub linen sets off a refined summer look with its signature structureless one-piece collar.

The Patch Pocket Trouser feels just as much at home with the Hollywood Shirt as it does with a t-shirt or sweater. Layer upon seasonality with light leathers or soft blazers.