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A/H 23/24

A Curated Seasonal Narrative





This is the kinesthetic interaction that has my attention this season. A lush and “plump” feeling, with a subtle recoil once touched, when you press these fibers between your fingers they gently push back. Not particularly heavy or in conventional fibers one conjures when reading the word plush; rather, the effect is created by a round yarn spun versus taut. From traditional luxury, to performance and sportswear, the “Plush” makes its way into all corners of the closet this season.

collections of note

Suitmate Super 150s by Loro Piana
A sturdy and soft all season suit that feels as if butter has been clear rinsed with fresh rain water. (529)

Miracle Super 180s by Scabal
The ultimate expression of softness and depth, this 4-ply twill in 300g weight is opulent, understated, and my personal favorite cloth of all time. (989)

Autumn Leaves Jacketing by Scabal
Designed with the color and feeling of fall in mind but thoroughly modern and fresh. These cloths exhibit a marl, playing with light and dark contrast yarns which add depth and dimension. Some unexpected lighter shades transition well from fall into spring. (629/529)

Oxygen Winter by Cerruti
Precious wool & mulberry silk are intimately blended together enhancing softness, warmth and lustre. Woven in a two-ply yarn providing a color contrast of unique structure and relief to fancies and plains alike. (489)


Feeling comfortable whilst making no compromise in luxury—and quality—is a rare sartorial occurrence. For the moments that just feel better with a subtle hint of comfort these fabrics range from tailored-to-trainers in styling. These cloths may have some extra enhancements in their blends and spinning but make no mistake about it they tailor and wear like the finest pure-bred cloths in the world.

collections of note

Volare by Loro Piana
Precious and technical fibers blend together to create clothing with supreme comfort and no quality compromise. (929/529)

Broad Glen Plaid, art. 714043-6
Solid Cashmere Stretch, art. 714038-42

Champion Super 120s Suitings by Scabal
Woven with the traditional feel of English suiting but with the added element of stretch, fitting the needs of modern suiting. (489)
Muted Colored Rope Stripe, art. 754788-791
Matte Jewel Tone Sharkskin, art. 754804-810

Magus Super 160s by Scabal
A summery light weight meets soft winter finish with natural stretch created purely by the skill of the weavers at the mill. Tailors as a luxury comfort sport-suit and breaks apart as casual trousers or blazer in a pinch. (689)

Comfort Checks by Carnet
Natural stretch achieved by setting the warp and weft at different tensions creates the ultimate suit of performance and style. Blends effortless movement with vibrant patterns and colors that can be worn together or as sport-separates. (489)

Sapeurs & Chambray by Carnet
Plain weaves woven in a bi-stretch array of colors to pair with any and all combinations. A Chambray Silk-Stretch jacket is the ideal textural compliment to this season’s Patch Pocket Trouser options. (389/489)


The marriage of plush and performance greets you with a new standard in sartorial sportswear. Whether active or at leisure, seek new levels of comfort and tranquility from your wardrobe in this season’s newest twist on Mark Pomerantz tailoring.

collections of note

Cashmere & Cotton Twill “Denim” by Ariston Napoli
A classic denim twill with subtle distinction, the ridges have a deep texture. The cashmere blend, with just a hint of stretch, provides the ultimate comfort in this structured casual cloth. Ideally tailored in our house signature Patch Pocket Trouser. (429)

Wool Knit Shirtings by Ariston Napoli
Woven in a flat polished jersey, this collection of merino knit shirtings can layer under tailoring as well as they do over t-shirts and sweaters. (525S)

Brushed Cotton Trousers by Caccioppoli Napoli Col. 5904
A saturated autumnal color palette showcases the ability of this trouser to accessorize any sweater or top coat. (389)

Sky Fall Performance Cords
Spun from super 180s wool & cotton, the winter mix of pitch-perfect shades carries the outfit, no jacket required. My favorite pairing is with our new zig-zag stitch zip-up sweater in cashmere. (429)

Low Gauge Knitwear (12-7gg)
Sumptuous and supple, the lower gauge adds some yarn weight and drape to traditionally luxurious soft-spun light yarns. New colors of note are Peacock, Jeans Jeanie, and Morelo, all in Mongolian Spun Cashmere. Designed more casual in our sweatshirt style or tubular hem t-shirt. (from $595)


Familiar and fresh cashmere is re-interpreted in innovative blends that cross the boundaries of suit and sport. Woven in pure open-basket weaves or blended with cotton, this fall re-interprets the touchstone fiber of luxury.

collections of note

Cashmere by Loro Piana
The very finest and most exceptional fibers of unparalleled softness are woven with meticulous techniques that are as time-honored as the longevity of this cloth. Offered in three weights and weaves for blazers and a “Winter-Tropical” weight for suiting of the ultimate luxury. (1099)

Favola Wool & Cashmere by Loro Piana
A superlative marriage of natural fibers, Favola offers three distinct weaves—herringbone, hopsack, and broad twill. Showcasing a marl-yarn effect in luscious colors that bring an effervescent feel to fall and winter. (589)

Cashmere & Cotton by Abraham Moon
A sporty update to yarn with such a luxurious pedigree, lending itself a more casual edge to classic fibers. (429)
Sea-foam Green, Grey Glen-check, & house-favorite Cream Mix, art. 9034

topping it off

This season, the overcoat is the new sport coat. From light to heavy weight, what stands out is the unique dimension and hand-feel of the cloths.

collections of note

Snowdonia by Standeven
This is the most extravagantly understated collection of luxury top coats I have ever handled. Woven with incredible dimension and tactile feel, this is the new sport coat for winter.
Exploded B&W Houndstooth, art. 28007-8
Exploded 3D Chevron, art. 28010-13

Zeus by Scabal
A super fresh slice of winter color, pair with this season’s saturated jewel tone color suggestions for a playful and sporty dress-up.
Winter-White Luxury Wool, art. 853351

season-less favorites

Always appropriate and in style…

collections of note

Natural Dynamic Super 140s by Ariston
A soft, high-twist yarn with soft luster and natural stretch, tailors impeccably as slacks or suits alike. (489)

Vanitas by Carnet
2-Ply Australian Wool woven with care and excellence in a cornucopia of 41 colors, pairing with any blazer or as a stylish suit ensemble. (429)

Gabardine Wool by Carnet
A classic utilitarian aesthetic gets a contemporary update in this raw gabardine-denim effect, creating lively 3D texture and colors in traditional and fashion forward palettes. Ideally tailored in house-signature Patch-Pocket Trouser. (429)

Stardust Jacquard
Creating intricate patterns and exceptional use of color play, the Starburst Weave draws from celestial inspiration, offering a subtle sparkle under direct light that is sure to engage, even in the most dimly lit corner of the party.
Dry Satin by Ariston Napoli, art. P214-2
Stardust Jacquard in Wet Satin by Scabal, art. 853250

Updated Classics

Easy-to-wear, anywhere, anytime… this season’s newest and most modern take on classic menswear staples.

collections of note

Abraham Moon Merino Worsted Jackets
The most classically contemporary fusion of traditional English jacket patterns and worsted merino quality, shown in two collections. Collection #1 is rich in earth-tones and classic hunting patterns. Collection #2 is updated in color and scale for a thoroughly modern “classic” jacket. Any of which can pair with literally, anything. (429)

Limited Edition

While traveling in Europe this summer I discovered a small batch of vintage cloth in the archive room of one of my favorite boutique merchants. A marl-twisted yarn of winter grey & black with an oyster white stripe. Light weight and crisp, this cloth has year-round appeal but in a colorway that is as uniquely winter as it is spring & summer, thanks to its dry saturation. My initial inspiration sees this as the perfect “L.A. Vibe” winter suit, worn with white Common Projects sneakers and MP Cotton Knit T-Shirt.
Quantity is exclusively limited to four Suits. (429)
Sold out

Searching my own archives this summer I have decided to update and re-edition a classic palm tree print with a winter twist. Sketched in an ombre white and grey, then stenciled over a black ground, this winter camp shirt whispers sunshine but is night club appropriate. Wear on a tropical winter vacation or on a chilly day to brighten the mood. Layers perfectly under the limited edition suit this season.
Quantity is exclusively limited to fifteen Shirts. (425S)