Noble Fiber

a story of scarcity, ephemerality & soul

Our Most Special & Exclusive Fabrics

Noble Fibers are remarkably rare and unique, sourced from scarce and ephemeral natural environments around the world. Some from the roughest, harshest terrain, providing the softest, most protected fleece imaginable. Others from single-source water beds that give the cleanest, clearest finish to the cloth. These characteristics make for the finest, most luxurious, and most exclusive fabrics available on earth.

The animal has soul. Fibers selected from the rarest breeds, blood lines, and lineages.

The cloth has soul. In the hands of the craftsmanship, and in the passion of the execution, with exacting design and style.

The tailoring has soul. A marriage between quality, creativity, and technology—forming something original, luxurious, and exquisite.

These are irreplaceable gifts from nature. This is Mark Pomerantz Noble Fiber.


noble fiber



The Gold of the Andes

In past times, vicuña was a gift from the Inti, the Incan God of the Sun who would melt the snow and change it into water to fertilize the soil. Only the Royal Family was allowed to wear this most precious of all fibers. Vicuña wool is the finest fiber known on earth. Nothing is softer or lighter.

The vicuña is the highest-elevation dwelling mammal, living 4,500 meters above sea level, climatically inhospitable to afford common comforts. The human hands that harvest the belly fleece of these animals live in the coldest and most arduous areas of these mountains. Referred to as "The Gold of the Andes," this is the rarest and most exclusive fabric in the world, with an unmatched precious hand. It is worth more per ounce-weight than gold.

The scarcity of the belly fleece itself, the scarcity of the population of these vicuña sheep, and the enduring condition these human hands take to harvest it, together yield a raw material quantity that produces just 250g per year.

If sourced elsewhere, the cloth is only woven in classic navy, charcoal, black, and camel. Mark Pomerantz has exclusive access to the entire Piacenza production of dozens of pure vicuña colors and patterns.

Diameter — 13 micron


Pure vicuna jacketing from $29,975
vicuna blend jacketing from $24,175
vicuna & super 210's suiting from $29,995
vicuna & cashmere suiting from $19,995

Hircus Goat

Mongolian Grand Mogol Epoch Cashmere

The Hircus Goat’s long hair hides a soft, warm, and precious undercoat called the duvet. Naturally white, the most valuable color, such an undercoat allows the animal to maintain a stress-constant body temperature, even in the cold climatic constitutions of the Asiatic mountains. This duvet is gathered in June by combing the animal, which produces merely a few ounces per year.

Brushed with thistle, which combs a unique softness.

Diameter — 14.5 micron


Golden Gate Worsted Spun Cashmere Suiting from $19,995
Alashan 3-Ply Coats from $12,165
Alashan Zibelino Jacketing $8,975


Summit Fibers Ultra Micron Wool

Individually, these are mere single yarns, yet when spun together they create something unforgettable. Summit Fibers tell a story over 500 years in the making, and they give you a story to tell. Inimitably beautiful from afar, yet only truly appreciated by one, you, the wearer.

Throughout the threads of time, the ancestors of modern merino sheep flocks grazed Northern Spain, tracing their lineage back to Roman and Phoenician empires, their fleece reserved exclusively for Kings. These same sheep today, now thriving on the granite table sides of the mysterious fifth continent of Australias plains, are tightly controlled by the management of blood lines and lineage with each generation’s staple fibers becoming finer than the last.

This is the best wool that has ever existed, in history, all of which is still tended by family-owned and operated farms. So spectacular, this wool has a fineness that moves beyond micronage and is the pinnacle culmination in exceptional provenance, process, and ingredients.

Diameter — 12 micron


summit ultra micron super wool Suiting $39,995
Passion Super 200’s with Silk & Cashmere $29,995
Noble Fleece Pure Elite Super 200’s $29,995
Arcadia Super 210’s & Cashmere Suiting $12,995
Miracle 4-Ply English Super 180’s suiting $10,995
Majesty 2-Ply Italian Super 210’s Suiting $8,895

Baby Camel

Supple Strength

Dynamic, soft & lustrous, the properties of baby camel yarn strike an ideal balance between the supple softness of cashmere and strength of pure merino wool. Extremely durable, yet luxuriously soft to the touch, this is an ideal fiber for an opulent winter coat.

Performant and versatile—with camelhair, luxury meets no compromise.


Worsted Baby Camel Suiting $6,295
Worsted Baby Camelhair Jacketing $5,676
Worsted Baby Camelhair Overcoats $5,875

Precious Gems & Metals

fibers as fine as jewelry

Unique and powerful, these cloths subtly integrate precious stones and gold within their weave. Prized for their inherent beauty, strength, and shimmer, pure gem stones are crushed into fragments and blended directly into threads—shimmering in the light, and giving the garment a subtle yet luxurious glow, alongside a supple feel and drape.

Diameter — 16 micron


  Treasure Box 24k Gold & Super 150’s suiting $19,995
Diamond Chip & Super 150’s with Silk suiting $14,995
Lapis Lazuli & Super 150’s with Cashmere suiting $14,995