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Mr. Leor Landa

February 2024

A curated narrative

Leor, I am excited to share your new custom menu, created from the ground up to be unique to you and you alone.

This collection represents a holistic approach to your wardrobe, giving you both depth and clarity. A sartorial roadmap, if you will.

I have begun by summarizing your Four current suits and their classifications. From there, I have made suggestions to fill holes I see you have from color, pattern, weight and texture.

Your suits

power suits

Poised and powerful, these are sublime statement suits when you want all focus and attention on you and the ideas you are presenting, with full focus.

Sharp Grey Stripe

Precise and trusting. The scale of this stipe and shade of grey punctuate your message and competency.


Rich Blue Stripe

This shade and stripe communicate power and depth.


Soft Blue/Grey Solid

A gentle shade that confidently asserts strength.

sport suits

Elegant and functional as separates, stylish when worn together, these are your versatile go-to’s.

Blue Plaid Sport Suit

The pattern, yarn marl and ticket pocket gives this added sporty versatility when worn as separates and fashion flair when worn as a suit.

What's Missing


Versatile Solids, Elegant Sportsuits, Lighter Shades, Lighter Weights, The Super Luxe Suit

Melange Yarn Sport Suit (My New Personal Favorite Suit)

The ideal dark and dressy break-apart suit for travel. Presented in both a rich, royal indigo and charcoal plaid. Wear the suit with a white shirt and black tie for business, dark black shirt and no tie for evening, and the jacket with sweater and jeans for a casual look.

Charcoal & Black Plaid by Scabal “Eton” English Woven 2-Ply 130s – SC.754033.589

Indigo & Black Plaid by Scabal “Eton” English Woven 2-Ply 130s – SC.754034.589


Solid Brown Power Suit

Speak softly and wear a brown suit. The shade that says you own the boardroom, not work in it. Deliberate proposed as a solid, fashion forward as a windowpane.

Midnight Brown Solid by Scabal “The Royal” English Woven 2-Ply 100s – SC.706157.529

Sandy Brown Windowpane by Scabal “Eton” English Woven 2-Ply 130s – SC.754031.589


Solid Black Sleek 3-Piece Suit

Quintessentially sleek, sexy, and stylish. Designed with a peak lapel and ticket pockets to give you an elegant dressy black blazer alternative to our patch pocket hopsack jacket. This black layers well with mink color sweaters and tobacco color leathers for a more casual styling.

MP Signature House Black Solid English Woven 2-Ply 150s – TGCP103.429


Solid Blue Power Suit

A deep and rich classic navy with a soft basket woven texture makes this shade paletable, powerful, and versatile as you can break this apart into an elevated navy blazer in a pinch.

Scabal Londoner English Woven Super 140s 2-Ply – SC.754539.629


Light Blue Sport Suit

Indigo, dust, and denim shades are marled together in this sharkskin-backed plaid. A gorgeous shade to lighten your look and perfect for summer, paired with crisp white linen shirt. The pattern pulls apart as a lightweight jacket very well.

Scabal Sleek English Woven Super 150s and Silk – SC.754913.629


Silver Grey Stripe Suit

Soft, quiet, and competently trusting — that is what a silver grey stripe communicates.

Loro Piana Suitmate Italian Woven Super 150s 2-Ply – LP.N726031.529


Light Grey “Summer” Suit

Milky grey is woven with marled black yarn to create a summer looking cloth of incredible depth and seasonless appeal. Terrific as slacks with a black leather jacket or bomber.

Scabal Crossover English Woven Super 130s 2-Ply – SC.754876.529


Tropical Weight Summer Performance Suit

Woven for the spring and summer months with specific regard to heat performance, wicking, and wrinkle resistancy, the tropical weave is the go-to for on the go sartorial performance in the summertime. Proposed in midnight self-stripe.

Drago Solanus-2 Italian Woven Tropical Weave in Super 130s – DR.A096.472/02.369

Dress shirt

Precise and exquisite hairline stripes and tone-on-tone micropatterns.

Needle & Nido d’Ape

Various Articles Proposed


Bombers and Knit Denim to keep your look sartorially inclined, yet casually comfortable.

The Watercolor Camo Overcoat

Make a chic statement worn over a suit, or with a silk & cashmere jogger for the ultimate travel and cold weather companion.

Coat in Wool & Cashmere by Piacenza – AT.31/26.589

Jogger in Silk & Cashmere – SW416


The Bomber Jacket

This piece can range between classic, dressy, and fashion forward — and span a seasonality of spring, fall, and winter.

Various Articles Proposed


“Knit” Denim

Woven from cashmere & cotton, these three shades of 100% Knit Denim give the appearance of a dress denim with the comfort of sweats. Can layer with a button up and sweater or go casual with a t-shirt and bomber.

Cashmere/Wool/Cotton in Black Marl Twill – SC.802931.529


When you want to feel the extra edge of luxury, knowing you are wearing something of unique ephemerality both in quality, supply, and access. This is what no one else has and what you want to wear to be legitimately 1-Up. If one could “wear” a Rolls Royce, this is what it would feel like.


Galaxy Black & Charcoal Melange Herringbone Woven in Italian Super 210s 2-Ply 300g – DR.A554.003/02.889

Soft Jacket in Alashan Fantasy Italian Cashmere & Silk Twill in Indigo – AT.1/117.789

Mark pomerantz Custom Collection
Mr. Leor Landa
February 2024