Custom Collection

David Binswanger

December 28, 2023

A confidently modern & warm aesthetic

David, I am excited to share your new custom menu, Created from the ground up to be unique to you, and you alone.

This collection represents a holistic approach to your wardrobe, giving you both depth and clarity. a wardrobe roadmap, if you will.

These looks will enhance your natural ability as an entrepreneur and a forward-thinking and well respected leader within L.P.C. and amongst the peers in your industry.

Modern, warm, and confident, these items will complement your current wardrobe and offer you the best in quiet, private luxury.

Broken into three distinct “Looks” — Soft Tailored, Sartorial Sportswear, and Updated Tailoring.

Soft tailored

The Concept
These looks are confidently relaxed and casually tailored with a keen eye to subtle detail and sublime distinction. You can layer or insert any of your jackets on top of these outfits, as well as break them apart layer by layer for maximum versatility, in both aesthetic and climate.

The Pieces
New Blazers, Aspen Sweater & Crew Neck Sweater, Button Down Shirt Un-Tucked, Natural Stretch Trouser, Loro Piana Summer Walk Loafer

New Blazers

Piacenza Silk & Linen Hopsack
Texturally diverse, with a depth of dark, dressy color and indigo twisted yarn, layer this piece with denim and slacks alike.

Piacenza Cashmere, Silk & Linen
Light as air and smooth as a slipstream, this is a season-less blazer that shines in the TX/NYC summer heat. Suggested in a grounded dark indigo shade with denim blue overpane to provide maximum versatility.


Two blazers


Aspen Sweater
From the slopes to sips, the Aspen Zip-Up Sweater is the ultimate luxury transition piece for opulent layering. Various colors suggested based on overall outfit styling.
Loro Piana Cashmere 1995
Mongolian Cashmere 995

Crew Neck Sweater
Add texture, variety, and climate-specific comfortable versatility. Various colors suggested based on overall outfit styling.
Loro Piana Cashmere 1595 (Various Colors)
Mongolian Cashmere 695 (Various Colors)
Merino 495 (Various Colors)

$10,370 (Loro Piana)
$4,770 (Mongolian Cashmere)

Two aspen Sweaters, four crew neck sweaters

Button Down Shirt Un-Tucked

Tailored in soft cloths with melange yarns and prints in a just-long-enough, un-tucked length. Designed to be layered over pants, underneath sweaters, or tucked in with a dressier blazer on their own.
Cottonoificio Albini Flanella Melange 545
Cottonoficio Albini Seasonal Wallpaper Flannel 595
Thomas Mason Balmoral 645
Cottonoficio Albini Yoga & Zero 24 Performance 545/495


Two of each Shirt

Natural Stretch Trouser

Unexpected, inspired by classics, interpreted in comfort and luxury, these slacks are what you have been searching for.
Cashmere Cotton Stretch Knit in Denim, SC.802930.529
Cashmere Cotton Stretch Knit in Black, SC.802931.529
Cashmere Jeans & Cashmere Cotton in MP Patch Pocket Model, Various AR.429
Voyager Weft-Stretch Gabardine, GL.359
Cashmere Stretch, GL.789


six trousers, including one cashmere stretch

Sartorial Sportswear

The Concept
These looks convey casual comfort with a distinctive sartorial polish. A category unto itself, this “transition" aesthetic is as seamless as it is appropriate, from a Zoom call, to the jet, and into an in-person meeting.

The Pieces
Bomber, Knitted T-Shirt, Idaho Turtleneck, Pop-Over Shirt, Knit Pant, Hoodie & Jogger, Sneakers


Our newest category, made to order, custom fit. Let’s explore this new category together before I make a strong singular suggestion.

Knitted T-Shirt

Cool to the touch, light on the body, and perfect for layering under light outerwear like the Aspen Sweater, or wearing on their own.
Cotton 495 (Various Colors)

Idaho turtleneck

House-signature center cable in hand-stitch reverse knit. The feel of a warm hug on a cozy day.
Loro Piana Cashmere 3595
Mongolian Cashmere 1595

Pop-Over Shirt

How to wear a dress shirt without wearing a dress shirt. Long sleeve pop-overs in merino and cotton weights, tailored with a button cuff and fly front. Style these with any pant, under a blazer, or with shorts or swim trunks.
Merino 595 (Various Colors)
Cotton 495 (Various Colors)

Knit Pant

Tailored, not sweats, in luxury knits from merino to cashmere. A more tapered fit, full mobility, maximum comfort.
Piacenza Club House AT.829 (Various Colors)
Andiamo Merino GL.429 (Various Colors)

Hoodie & Jogger

Quiet luxury hoodie and sweat pants offered in various gauges give a precisely modern take on comfort.
Loro Piana Cashmere 12gg 1995
Mongolian Cashmere 12gg 995

$18,455 (Loro Piana)
$14,455 (Mongolian CashmerE)

bomber, two knitted t-shirts, Idaho turtleneck, two merino pop-over shirts, two cotton Pop-Over Shirts, cashmere Knit Pant, merino knit pant, hoodie & Jogger

Updated Tailoring

The Concept
Key statement looks that are poised, powerful, and precise, not for the everyday but some welcome arrows in the quiver when needed.

The Pieces
Brown Power Suit, Versatile Sportsuit, Top Coat

Brown Power Suit

Speak softly and wear a brown suit. Powerfully composed, brown communicates strength and purpose that transcends the requisite blues and greys.

Scabal Champion English Performance Weft-Stretch
Adds a welcome weave of comfort without sacrificing quality.

Sport Suit

The navy & black color combination is dressy, the pattern’s scale is small enough to style as if it were a solid, and the texture lends depth of range. Perfect for transitioning travel days that take you from the boardroom to the bar, dress this look up as a suit or down as separates.

Pack with a pair of black slacks, denim, white oxford shirt, black crew neck sweater and you have the ultimate all-in-one versatility.

Scabal Black & Charcoal Marl Merino English Plaid

Scabal Black & Navy Marl Merino English Plaid

Top Coat

A go-anywhere statement piece that is fun and functional. It wears modern, layered with a simple, elegant sweatshirt, knit, or a dress shirt. This is a winter piece meant to be worn as a standalone jacket.

Piacenza Black & Grey Watercolor Camo
Wear with a Silver silver Silk & Cashmere Sweatshirt.


three suits, one top coat

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David Binswanger
December 28, 2023