Custom Collection

Dan Ziff

December 11, 2023

A refined & considered aesthetic

This is a complete, top to bottom wardrobe designed for you. Broken out into three distinct "Closets", each comprised of the looks I believe are ideal to shape your personal look & style. This is your Custom Collection from Mark Pomerantz.

Tailoring Closet

The Tailoring Closet is your foundation of sartorial looks. This is comprised of suits that range from impeccably polished business attire, to supremely fine formalwear. These looks encompass the entirety of tailoring needs, offering looks suitable for any meeting, trip, or event.

Classic Suits Tailored in Scabal Miracle

This is my all-time personal favorite fabric—it is the single greatest cloth value for the money ever produced, period. The balance of weight, yarn feel, and luxury woven in an English Super 180s has a kinesthetic return to the hand and on the body unlike anything else.

Scabal Miracle 180s
(Many/most articles suggested)

Midnight Russian Twill — 754767.1099
Plaid in Iridescent Peacock Blue — 754743.1099
Navy & Black Plaid Sportsuit — 754752.1099
Miniature Herringbone in Royal — 754745.1099
Black & Midnight Shadow Stripe — 754759.1099
Assorted — 754769-754774.1099

Soft Stripe

A modern take on scale & tone that makes a bold statement in a sharp and restrained approach.

Loro Piana Suitmate

Charcoal Skarskin Rope Stripe — N726031.529
Navy Sharkskin Rope Stripe — N726032.529
Black & Midnight Herringbone with Lilac Pinstripe — N726018.529

Polished Stripe

Smooth and sleek, these stripes have consummate polish and strike a sharp line.

Scabal Eton

Charcoal & Black Plaid — 754033.589
Rich Blue & Black Plaid — 754034.589
Brilliant Blue-on-Blue Plaid — 754655.589

Marl Yarn

Two chromatic color tones twisted together, creating depth and scintillation. This woven pattern effect makes marl yarn the perfect sport suit to wear as one look, or break apart as separates.

Scabal Eton

Charcoal & Black Plaid — 754033.589
Rich Blue & Black Plaid — 754034.589
Brilliant Blue-on-Blue Plaid — 754655.589

Complexion Complimentary "Fashion" Suit

Ideally colored to suit your specific complexion and eye color, in a trio of stripe, check, and solid patterns within the same chromatic shade of iridescent peacock blue.

Scabal Londoner

Solid Sharkskin in Iridescent Peacock Blue — 754542.629
Stripe in Iridescent Peacock Blue — 754506.629
Plaid in Iridescent Peacock Blue — 754505.629


A concise assortment of staples that pair easily and have versatility for all formal occasions.

Black Tuxedo
Scabal Black English Wool & Mohair Woven in Grain de Poudre — SC.853268.529

Dinner Suit
Scabal Black Starlight Jacquard Woven in English Silk Satin — SC.853250.529

White Dinner Jacket
Piacenza Wool & Silk — 23/05.489

Smooth Velvet Dinner Jacket in a Rich Color
Various Offerings from Carnet Como


A curated assortment centered around plain and textured white from Giza 87 Cotton—the brightest, whitest natural shirt fiber.

Various Fabrics

Compact hairline stripes, versatile with the entire wardrobe
Balmoral, a lightweight cashmere cotton sport shirt in House-Signature 1-Piece Hollywood Collar
Pale solid color to compliment the tailoring (light blue, lilac, and grey)
White & black Saharan Linen
Journey performance natural cotton, for travel and every day wear
White Graduated Pleat-Front (Formalwear)
Black Fly-Front (Formalwear)

Ultra Luxury Tailoring

The absolute finest and rarest fibers spun and woven into superlative cloth with an ephemeral panache. These fabrics are designed to be handled, as they are amongst the softest and most refined one can find the world over. Limited in supply and distribution, I am proud to have the privilege to offer these materials. This is the height of “treat-yourself” tailoring.

Summit by Scabal
The ultimate masterpiece of the rarest 100% Super 200s wool ever spun and woven into cloth.

Fascination by Scabal
100% Cashmere spun with Vicuña, the world's rarest fiber.

Cashmere Award by Loro Piana
Outstanding softness in an exceptional fiber from goat herds exclusive to Loro Piana.

Vicuña & Cashmere by Loro Piana
51% Vicuña, the world's highest altitude dwelling animal—its rarity makes it more precious by oz. weight than gold. There is only one single swatch and one color available at this time, Midnight Black. Woven in a satin twill, suitable for a winter suit or blazer, or a light weight top coat. This cloth is nick named “Gold of the Andes” for a reason.

Sportswear Closet

You won't always need to wear a suit, but you can make sure your look is always perfect for the occasion. These Casual looks include dressed down pieces like Blazers, Sport Jackets, and Trousers, which will elevate your everyday dress to the same level as your tailoring.

Stretch Cashmere Travel Blazer

A perfect color pairing with your complexion and an alternative to classic navy, this is the perfect on-the-go blazer that will keep you amazingly cozy.

Loro Piana Volare

Dust Blue Luxury Stretch Cashmere — N714039.929
Black Luxury Stretch Cashmere (in black this makes an ultra luxury travel suit)

Solid Hopsack Blazer

A quintessentially classic weave paired with luxury yarns and modern finishing, this is the go-anywhere and do-anything jacket. I propose three classic color quality options.

Various Fabrics

Mark Pomerantz Classic Collection Satin Hopsack
Loro Piana Cashmere Cloud woven with Silk
Loro Piana Super 200s

Winter Pattered Jacket

Two shades—a sober shade of green & dusty cornflower blue—woven in a relaxed prince of wales, bring versatility and complement your complexion. This look is as much at home with slacks as it is with denim.

Piacenza Wool, Silk & Linen

Green Prince of Wales — 31/06.589
Cornflower Blue Prince of Wales — 31/10.589

Cashmere Blazer

A handsome shade of Piacenza’s best and signature Zibelline cashmere jacketing. Warm enough to fight a brisk winter chill, light enough to keep you temperate when inside. A luxurious and easy to wear solid winter blazer.

Summer Pattered Jacket

Summer Breeze, a shirt weight cloth of cashmere, silk, and linen with an ever-so-subtle slub, is as relaxing to the touch as it is refreshing in color/pattern. Let's pick a shade that resonates with you the most.

Slacks & Trousers

In slcaks, I suggest a handful of shades—black, light grey, charcoal, blue, and khaki/taupe. Fabrics from Scabal's Concerto collection of high-twist, ultra-soft Super 150s.

My house-signature tailored Patch Pocket Trouser from 100% cashmere denim twill is the fusion of sartorial luxury with a time-honored denim detail. A thoroughly modern way to interpret business casual.

Scabal Concerto Super 150s
Light Grey

Piacenza Cashmere Denim Twill
Your Choice of Blue Tones


Avalable in a variety of fabrics.

Casual Luxury Closet

The past few years, luxury fashion has trended toward streetwear, loud logos, and gaudiness. The pendulum is swinging back toward more traditional luxury—fewer “look-at-me” overly branded looks. This is where the term "quiet luxury" comes from.

Mark Pomerantz has always been about quiet luxury, far before this term existed. What I've done with MP the past couple years is grow our unique aesthetic in new directions outside just tailoring—encompassing a modern, evolved aesthetic focused on wearability and comfort. The definition of Casual Luxury.

Assorted Looks

Let's discuss while looking at some of the garments I have with me.

Loro Piana, Piacenza & Others

Knitwear in Loro Piana Knit Yarn
        Cashmere Knit Pants in Cashmere Club by Piacenza
        Cashmere Stretch Soft Jacket & Trousers (bought as a suit but worn as separates)
        Long Sleeve Pop-Over in Cotton Piquet & Merino (a few of each weight for seasonal wear)
        Short Sleeve Polo-Pop Over
        Knit Pant
        Comfort Stretch Lightweight Cotton Trousers

Mark pomerantz Custom Collection
Dan Ziff
December 11, 2023