31st October

Tailored Bomber Jacket

Have you ever thought about when not to wear a suit?

For many the suit is a uniform, it communicates strength, power and competency. Because of this, it is the outfit of choice for men who want to be taken seriously and not be forced to think too seriously about their style.

I myself am accustomed to the ease that wearing a suit, (or tailored sport coat), can provide. It is an easy choice that prevents me from feeling lost in sportswear options when dressing down may be appropriate, yet there are times when arriving in a full suit gives me a sense of discomfort rather than feeling confident and cool. While I agree with Oscar Wilde, one can never be too overdressed or over educated, that is not an invitation for the smartest man in the room to parade his IQ as much as a stylish man should not assume he is such for always showing up in a suit.

How does today’s man look elegant, stylish and feel comfortable when not wearing a suit? It seems that most designers answer have become increasingly casual, with the prominence of street-wear disseminating every corner of clothing both sartorial and casual. Rises are getting longer, cloth stretchier, and luxury branded goods are being superimposed with sporting teams and fast food logos. Searching for an answer myself, inspiration often strikes at times of internal frustration and as I refuse to allow casual-wear to become ubiquitous with street-wear I had a desire to design and wear a garment that bestowed the sexy and sleek feeling of a suit with the familiar comfort of wearing a hoodie.

My new tailored bomber jacket bridges the gap for any man on the go or at leisure. Styled with classic suiting cloth with a fit towards casual comfort and finishing as meticulous as my formalwear, one can dress the bomber up with slacks and a sweater as easily as they can dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt.

If a well tied tie is the first serious step in life, then owning a (Mark Pomerantz) jacket with zippers is certainly the last… I’ll bet Oscar would agree.