17th January

Showroom and Atelier Interior Redesign

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Nearly a decade after founding the House of Mark Pomerantz, focusing solely on fashion design, it was time to turn the focus onto the surroundings of the brand, after all, impeccable tailoring needs the be showcased in more than just a showroom, it needs it’s own gallery, as tailoring is truly an art to me.

With so many avenues of inspiration, endless ideas stream through with excitement, but when focused down on my longtime inspirations, a new home for the brand started to take shape.

Aesthetically the decor of classical Paris was always appealing to me, opulent and thoughtful, I wanted to embody this classicism and marry it with a contemporary sparseness. Comfortable sumptuous textures have long been my north star and serve as an inspiration when designing my collection–Embracing the Parisian idea of designing an apartment rather than a design office allowed creativity to flow from each room turning the fantasy of an idea into the delight of a reality.

This flow begins with the foyer, the sight of the sleek marble hospitality area is a warm welcome, where clients get greeted and then enter the “Gallery” itself. This is where we showcase our collections they hang in an opulently minimal environment, a clean black casing capped in marble. As if it were art on the walls of an art gallery, the collection takes center stage in the space. Central in the Gallery is a marble topped island, positioned so one can comfortably gather or flow around with ease to our other spaces. With minimal distractions in mind, all the fabric books and collection books are concealed in specially engineered drawers–So our gallery noir is both clean and mysterious.

To the left of the gallery is the “Lounge”, a low slung space to engage in ideas with colleagues and begin to create the fantasy with clients. We house our rare and exclusive books in this space as well, the ultimate space for inspiration.

Once this this conversation turns into reality, the destination is the private “Fitting Suite”, on the other side of the Gallery. The most private space instills confidence in the expression to dress and assume the image that was created during their visit in the lounge.

And finally, you are invited to pass through our intimate conference room through a sliding door cloaked in black silk moiré wall coverings into to the private Atelier and design office. The very heart beat of Mark Pomerantz, pumping out creativity, everything from photo shoots to new design get conceptualized into reality here.

If you have been to our new space we hope you enjoyed the experience, and if you haven’t yet this is my personal invitation…