01st November

Luxury Holiday Gifts

Luxury, in my opinion should be enjoyed, as much as it is admired, and the holidays are a great time to share special moments of time and luxury with the ones we love.

This in mind I have created 3 very special limited edition gifts suitable to indulge yourself or a loved one with this season.
If the season leaves you craving warm-weather comfort, my 100% pure Vicuna scarf will leave you feeling warm, in the most luxurious fashion. Referred to as the “Gold of the Andes”, Vicuna is a small soft animal living at the highest elevation within the Andes Mountains, this cold air causes the animal to develop a protective sheath around their natural coat of fibers, creating a barrier from the elements and giving the fiber an un-matched soft hand. The Vicuna used for this scarf is harvested and woven by our most prestigious fabric mill, Scabal, who also produce the world’s most exclusive 100% Pure Vicuna Suiting and Jacketing. So exclusive, we are the only studio in North America that is allowed to have the full set of these books on-hand at any time. Style with an overcoat, sportcoat or over a light weight sweater or denim and cashmere shirt giving an elegant and seasonal flourish to all types of outings. The scarf is available in 3 colors; Black, Navy and Natural Tan.

If travel is on your itinerary this season, I have designed the ultimate bundle of travel luxury. Never satisfied with the big airline carriers amenities, (and often without some creature comforts I have at home), this inspired me to create a Mark Pomerantz version of personal luxury travel accessories. Made from 100% pure cashmere, this set will keep you comfortable and cozy on any trip. The set is comprised of a blanket, pillow and eye mask offered in black, 100% 12gg cashmere.

Often times when travelling or even just living daily life, I find myself in a clothing void, one that sits between workout gear and tailored casual clothing. What I always envision was a dressier and discrete version of a sweatsuit, so this season I have designed just that. Made from 16gg 100% pure Loro Piana Cashmere or Merino Wool yarns, this “Ultimate Track-Suit” is light weight, extremely soft, and designed with my signature self-knit gros-grain stripe down the leg and the side of the body. A signature MP staple that makes an understated statement worn together on a morning coffee walk or as separates (I wear the hoodie on flights over a dress shirt and tie with jeans) that will travel effortlessly anywhere life takes you.
This set is offered in a variety of colors, shown here in black.

Please note all items are exclusive and limited in quantity.