8th October

Moiré Dinner Jacket

Formalwear has always been a huge source of inspiration for me, and Look No. 7 from the FW19 Collection is a very unique one. This look incorporates a silk moire dinner jacket, paired with an unexpected cream cashmere turtleneck, and an ultra smooth textured plum wool pant.
This look is a tactful mixture of both bold and delicate textures and colors making it incredibly enticing and sumptuous in the hand.

Additionally I find moire cloth to be fascinating, it’s made by pouring water in between the silk fabric, folding it, and then pressing it to lock in this wavy design—Much like a tie-dye but with only water and heat. The irregular patterns and texture always look rich and timeless, and in this pale grey-lavender hue, it’s wavy textures are showcased impeccably.

Paired with the machine trouser or even black or blue denim, this pale jacket will stand out in the room of any event as the most spectacularly stylish.
For a sartorial minded connoisseur, this is the next step up in their style evolution.

10th September

Fall/Winter 2019 Inspiration

Thomas, a London based fashion photographer and the subject character of my favorite movie, Blow Up, is a man who expresses his curiosity through his medium- in this case, photography.
His personality is a juxtaposition of vain pragmatism, (the first scene of the movie captures Thomas waking up in a tenement and leaving in his convertible Silver Cloud), his everyday documented with camera in hand. Despite his jaded attitude, he displays through his photographs a youthful optimism and restrained amount of bravado.

As mere non-fiction mortals, how do we express our curiosities with the same cool aplomb?
For me, “Collection” is this medium, a seasonal opportunity to renew my passion and bring new ideas to life.

For Fall/ Winter 2019, “Blow Up” and the visuals seen through the unabashed lens of its hero serve as an inspiration to indulge our sartorial curiosities. Drawing on textures and colors found on the sets of his photo shoots, I look forward to presenting the launch of our newest collection next week, as well as the details of each of the eight looks.

3rd June

Summer Trousers

With the summer vacation season just ahead, I have been inspired to create some looks back to that embody the essence of vacation yet are still dapper and leave one feeling “dressed” My “Summer Noir” concept, (sexy black items for summer), presents the perfect canvas to experiment with new colors and unique style details. 

The key black essentials, comprised of; the black palm print shirt, summer-weight silk & cashmere black polo sweater and the new black twill tie, juxtaposed against the vivid colors of the SS19’ Collection. From this elegant mixture, my favorite item to instantly rev up my classic sartorial staples are the sky blue trousers.  Paired with a vivid yellow polo and navy blazer for the official campaign, as well as with our “Summer Noir” palm print shirt. 

 Whether your summer plans take you far, or keep you near the sky blue pant is the new summer staple for casual and elegant versatility. 

02nd May


With summer upon us, the longer days and balmy nights have a heightened sense of vibrancy to them.  Saturated and bright, fashions transition to reflect the summer vibe.  In a season where a sea of color makes it easy to “stand-out”, I question, does being vibrant actually blend in?…

I believe summer can have a moody juxtaposition that “ Stands-Out” by toning down.  With this in mind, I have re-interpeted my playful and vibrant SS 2019 collection to evoke the mysterious feel of “film noir”.  Shot in black and white, this new visual gallery contrasts the drastic change with the absence of the hues that typically represent summer.  As it relates to clothing, when I think about the most elegant looks I’ve created, or have been inspired by, I always find myself returning to black.

In this seasons collection I added this element with a black-scale palm tree print shirt to add a sexy vibe to a normally upbeat choice of color.  Something like this can be easily paired with crisp white jeans, it’s just a touch of “noir” that is unexpected.We have a new lightweight long sleeve silk-cashmere polo that comes in “noir-black”, (and vibrant yellow and blue) for the spring season and looks great with a dark pair of polished cotton stretch trousers from our new Mark Pomerantz Fabric Collection.

While not the most common opinion or obvious choice, the choice to don black in the summer is as sleek as it is intriguing…