17th February

Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Preparing for the Spring season ahead, I found myself not quite ready to leave Fall and Winter behind.  Not in weather but in inspiration.  This season I wanted to continue our brands story of the film Blow-Up, my all time favorite. With a fashion photographer as the star of the film- there was so much inspiration to be had.

This season we view our charcter out of London, on location in LA. The Southern California sunset sets the stage for the soft textures and the cool tones of reflected glass.  This was the inspiration the main color and texture palette for the collection.  Comprised of these cotton candy colors in pale lavender and pink, serving as accents to tailored pinstripes, floral pocket squares, and solid shirts, and crisp grey accents of whisper light silk dinner jackets and trousers.  With texture to match the clouds, the Spring fabrics are infused with weightless luxury.  Light, clear and crisp, mohair and silk blends pop under the sunlight, and 100% ultra light cashmere float on the shoulders perfectly.

I invite you to view this final expression…. enjoy.

10th February

SS20 Collection Preview

Musing Part. 1 

A sneak peek at what’s to come for the Spring/Summer 2020 Collection.

The story is a continuation of our Fall/Winter inspiration from the 1960’s film, “Blow Up”…

10th September

Fall/Winter 2019 Inspiration

Thomas, a London based fashion photographer and the subject character of my favorite movie, Blow Up, is a man who expresses his curiosity through his medium- in this case, photography.
His personality is a juxtaposition of vain pragmatism, (the first scene of the movie captures Thomas waking up in a tenement and leaving in his convertible Silver Cloud), his everyday documented with camera in hand. Despite his jaded attitude, he displays through his photographs a youthful optimism and restrained amount of bravado.

As mere non-fiction mortals, how do we express our curiosities with the same cool aplomb?
For me, “Collection” is this medium, a seasonal opportunity to renew my passion and bring new ideas to life.

For Fall/ Winter 2019, “Blow Up” and the visuals seen through the unabashed lens of its hero serve as an inspiration to indulge our sartorial curiosities. Drawing on textures and colors found on the sets of his photo shoots, I look forward to presenting the launch of our newest collection next week, as well as the details of each of the eight looks.

06th February


Inspired by retro era Hollywood parties and late summer nights, the Mark Pomerantz Spring Summer 2019 Collection takes shape in the form of vibrant yet saturated hues and vintage inspired silhouettes.  New additions to the collection like our polo collar knitwear and new palm tree print accessories add depth and finesse to each look.  A sleek, sexy take on tailored menswear with a distinct summer vibe.