17th July

Adrien Grenier Editorial

Come take a gander at Adrien Grenier featured in a striking editorial spread for Nobleman Magazine wearing Mark Pomerantz.

The actor and ocean activist donned a complete Mark Pomerantz look while taking a swim in the pool at Montage Beverly Hills for these remarkable shots.  Additionally he was wardrobed in a dapper Mark Pomerantz vest/pant combo, and a Patek Philippe timepiece  while lounging in one of the luxury suites.

A true gentleman and artist, it was a pleasure dressing him in all the finest.


19th July

Sterling K. Brown Suits Up

Actor Sterling K. Brown suited up in Mark Pomerantz for the latest issue of Nobleman Magazine. You may recognize him from the hit TV show “This is Us”  or the “Black Panther” film. He’s being nominated for 2 Emmy awards this September, fingers crossed for this remarkable man to win in style…

6th June

The Luxury of the Linen Suit

It is a personal mantra of mine that luxury should be lived in, and linen fabric is certainly no exception. Soft to the hand yet taut in its wear, throughout sartorial history linen has straddled both the classes and the masses simultaneously. Linen is in fact the oldest textile in the world. Dating as far back as the tombs of the ancient Egyptians, linen was heralded for its cool crisp weightlessness paired with strength and durability.

In the late 19th century this time honored cloth took its more modern shape and application within suiting and society.   Through WWI, the color of a gentlemen’s linen suit noted his class in society. Lighter colors such as white, cream, oatmeal and tan signified wealth, as one could afford to keep these colors clean. Darker colors such as brown, charcoal and dark blue, quite literally denoted one was of the “blue collar” working class.

Today, our north star of societal status is not dictated exclusively by color and we may enjoy linen and all of its profound history as we please. As a designer, what captivates my attention to linen is its rugged polish and of course, the wrinkles!  When dressing in a linen suit it is these wrinkles, which bespeak a quiet confidence that says, “This is not my only suit, and likely it is my 10th or maybe even 20th”… This is the embodiment of the “lived-in” luxury one can enjoy while wearing linen, it literally looks already lived in right off the hanger.

5th June

CHOC Children’s Poker Tournament

As a title sponsor for the CHOC Children’s Poker Tournament , The House of Mark Pomerantz designed and donated the first ever “Winners Jacket” for the tournament, a razor sharp  black jacket complete with it’s own specially designed lining, as well as custom pocket squares for each player and guest to take away as a gift. It was an exiting evening as a slew of celebrities, professional poker players and philanthropists came together to play poker, bid on unique auction items all to raise funds for CHOC Children’s Hospital.

2nd May


When packing for a tropical climate trip last summer I found myself with nothing to wear other than being caught between a sport coat and a very casual place, (Think t-shirt and swim trunks). While standing in my closet, devoid of any elegant casual clothing I was left pondering what really constitutes modern men’s sportswear.

Researching the true origins of “sportswear” not too much surprise this was historically worn for playing sports. In fact the origins of the polo shirt date as far back as 7th century Tibet for playing “Pulu” in. A sport as we know it today, Polo.

Back to my sartorial dilemma, I asked myself what could I design to bridge the gap of casual and comfortable with reimagined sartorial purpose?… Drawing upon both sartorial and sportswear, I answered with the Mark Pomerantz, “Tailored Polo Popover Shirt”.

Focused on a functionality that would allow me to wear something with or without a sport coat I added long sleeves, a button cuff and covered front popover placket to the aforementioned classic, short sleeve polo. Adorned with handmade bar tacks, buttonholes and all the usual obsessive Mark Pomerantz construction details, the item became what I propose as the perfect long sleeve casual shirt. It layers well under jackets, (even when un-tucked) and looks as appropriate over blue jeans as it does slacks. I also designed a nice short sleeve model pairing great with city and swim shorts alike.

The cloth is designed in a panama structure similar to a basket weave that gives the flexibility of a soft comfy knit but the shape and structure of a woven. In lightweight cotton it is perfectly cool in the summer and in cozy cashmere and wool blends it layers as your updated go to pre-fall piece.

11th April

VIP Collectors Soiree

The Mark Pomerantz “VIP Collectors Soiree” held at Morris & Welford Newport Beach was a celebration of the finest in menswear, automobiles, food, wine and spirits.

A sexy soiree to welcome our new concept collection, “The Daily Prince”, and to welcome the latest addition to our team and house, Joe Lewis.

Nobleman Magazine snapped photos on the black carpet entrance,  and graciously gave the latest issue of their publication to each parting guest. Inside guests where greeted by crisp champagne, then mingled and marveled at the rare collection of vintage sports cars, while getting an up close viewing the latest Mark Pomerantz suits. Mr. G’s served his signature Italian bites while guest sipped on Bello Family wine and Italian vodka from Carbonadi.

An elegant evening of like minded connoisseurs and collectors, driven by the pursuit and the apprecaiation of  the finest..



2nd April

Prince of Wales Plaid

What menswear item is so classic it was designed by a prince but too contemporary to be worn by a president? The Prince of Wales Plaid.

Dating back to the 19th century, the famous pattern began its life as the Glen Urquhart Plaid named after a valley in the Inverness-Shire Scotland, and was first used by the Countess of Seafield to outfit her gamekeepers. During a hunting trip to the estate the Prince of Wales discovered and adapted the plaid to his own variation. In 1926 it was further modified and popularized by his grandson, the Duke of Windsor, to the design we most recognize it in today.

The pattern in its most classical variation is made up of alternating dark and light stripes in a large broad check. The Prince of Wales version reduced the scale of the check and boldly added color in overpanes of red, brown and blue.

It was this blue overpane version that, when worn by President Ronald Reagan on a trip to Europe in 1982, was deemed “un-presidential.” This juxtaposition- classic princely elegance that is too contemporary for political relations- is what captivates and keeps my attention to the pattern as a designer.

It is this very juxtaposition, however, that allows for its versatility in the wardrobe. Whether worn in plain black and white or with a colored overpane, the Prince of Wales Plaid breaks up well as a sportcoat with solid black trousers, as slacks layered with fine knitwear, or becomes a perfectly balanced classic yet contemporary blend of Prince-like elegance with irreverently Presidential power.

28th February

Mark’s Musings – A Conversation for Connoisseurs



Recently it seems that some of my most formal clients have been querying me, “Mark, how does one feel dressed up while still being dressed down?”

Being a deliberately formal dresser myself, the question poses an interesting sartorial dilemma.  Some obvious suggestions would be losing the jacket, tearing off the tie, or incorporating some texture.  While none of these are the wrong choice, they also are not the inspired choice.Seeking some inspiration myself, I designed an outfit that one can wear when no jacket or tie is present and have it still look sartorially suitable for dressier appearances. I deconstructed the dressiest two items I could think of in menswear: a three-piece suit and a shawl lapel dinner jacket.  Left with the core ingredients to craft the perfect piece, I was struck by the idea to create a matching lapeled vest and pant ensemble.

Eliminating the standard five or six buttons on the front of a vest to just three allows for a lower, more casual button stance, and one that also enhances the male “V” of a smaller waist and broader shoulders. With the choice of a classic notch lapel on one vest and dressy shawl lapel on the other, both pair comfortably with cool crisp cloths for summer, and warm buttery cloths in winter.  Designed as a matching set (just like a suit), this creates an effortlessly coordinated look.

You can pair this vest and pant ensemble with anything from a linen textured shirt to a black cashmere turtleneck. They are as comfortable in a lounge chair while smoking a cigar on ones favorite patio as they are underneath an overcoat on a dinner date in New York.

A Note from Mark 

There has never been a detail in menswear that I have not toiled over.  Even in design school there was not a detail too small nor-overlooked by my passion.  I hand selected every zipper, button thread and fabric with fervor.  Much has evolved since my days learning tailoring and pattern making in New York City, but what has not changed is my passion for the details, and the inspiration behind why I design what I do.

You have shared this journey with me in your own way and I thank you for your support and for enjoying the works that I design with passion.  With this in mind, I invite you to read the first of our new monthly newsletter “Mark’s Musings – A Conversation for Connoisseurs.”  This is where I can share with you the insight and inspiration behind my current and forthcoming designs and collections.

On the first of each month I will send you a new “Mark’s Musings” highlighting a specific product or design concept along with the inspiration behind it.

20th February

The Perfect Camel Coat

The Perfect Camel Coat is a sought after staple for a gentleman’s wardrobe, but it usually proves to be a quite a task to find one.
The right shade, right fit, length, weight, durability for travel etc, so we’ve put an end to the search for our house connoisseurs–This is the perfect camel coat.

Working closely with the Loro Piana mill, we chose a cashmere that had the perfect shade of camel, not too yellow and not too brown, a shade of camel to flatter almost anyones complexion. It’s also a sublime texture and weight that can be worn-year round, weather permitting of course, and it tops off a casually tailored look of jeans and a shirt, or the most impeccable of MP suits.

This was the clear winner to put into our “DAILY PRINCE”, a collection of razor sharp classics built to last for generations to come.

9th February

Daily Prince Collection

Our Newest Collection, Daily Prince is here.

Inspired by Mark’s favorite classic suit pattern, the “Prince of Wales Plaid,” and his Lothario collection character “The Prince”–This collection concept is a designers exploration of various textures and weights that takes the Prince’s attire from his day into the evening–Always regal in every environment and perfectly sharp in black and white.

To see all the looks visit our Collection Website